Thursday, April 21, 2011


Thấy bà con nhảm, tôi cũng xin góp gió, nhảm theo. Đọc xong cái news này, tôi bảo: "If it's real her picture, I'd do it for free!!!"

Nah :)

La.i bi. blogspot cho+i xa^'u!!!

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Because fiction has to make sense. Traute Soupolos former beauty queen in Stuttgart Germany was sad that she was not getting pregnant. However after seeing a doctor, her husband, Demetrius was told he was sterile.After some soul searching the couple came up with Plan B. Her husband, Demetrius hired his neighbor Frank Maus to get the job done. The man has two children, and has a similar appearance physically to Demetrius.
Who would know, right? The Soupolos couple paid Mr. Maus $2,500 to give the couple a child. The effort went on for 3 evenings a week he made a valiant effort, for a total of 72 sessions.
Mrs. Maus was not thrilled with the arrangement. Mr. Maus explained he was not thrilled either. “I don’t like this any more than you. I’m simply doing it for the money.”
After six months Mr. Soupolos was not understanding and requested Mr Maus see a doctor, which he agreed to.
The doctor discovered that Mr. Maus was also sterile! This led to Mrs. Maus admitting was not the real father of their two children.
The Soupolos’s took Mr Maus to court for breach of contract. Mr. Maus believes he does not owe the money paid to be returned since he contracted for effort, not a 100% promise of results.
TRCBNews is suspicious of this account and wonders if it is a joke. We cannot find any record of what the court outcome was.

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  1. do what do what? Can I do her too?

  2. Xo' ri`, blogspot cho+i xa^'u wa'! La`m xong dzo`i bi. xo'a ma^'t vi` divider! No, you can't :)

  3. Thy: hỏi mần chi, đã nói nhảm rùi mà :)

    LOL Mẹ PP


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