Thursday, June 9, 2016

iWitness to History Day by Tiffany

On June 9, 2016 eye-witnesses were invited to Rocky Run Middle School to share their experiences to all the 7th graders.

Rocky Run Middle School strings and chorus.

Eye-witnesses coming into the opening ceremony.

The Color Guard saluting as the veterans come in.

Ration Cards which were used in WW II.

Mr. Dulany deButt - WW II (Pacific) Marine Corp. 

His medals

Mrs. Linda Bernson - Pearl Harbor, Cuban Missile Crisis, and WW II

Media Center where interviews were being held.

Iraqi war playing cards 

Mr. John Pollard - Bosnia, Iraqi war veteran

Interview with Mr. Chris Lovejoy  - Marine Corp. Col., 9/11 responder

Fairfax County Police Helicopter at Rocky Run MS field

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