Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10 reasons to vote for Donald

1. Vote for me then you can stay. 
2. Hey, look at them, my daughters and my wife are hot, aren't they? 
3. I'm not afraid to say You're fired!  Or anything else.
4. We need to get along with Putin to contain China, so we can borrow them more money. 
5. With Melanie, I don't need interns to do extra jobs like Bill. 
6. Your doctors only need 5 minutes to asset your health, I'll save tons of tax money in medicall bill. 
7. I will sue ISIS for our National Security. 
8. You can see my show everyday on free TV, no more weekly, seasonly or cable. 
9. Free speech, you can say anything you want, then retract them if you like. 
10. If someone asks for your tax return, you can say that you're audited by IRS.

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