Tuesday, August 30, 2016

10 reasons to vote for Hillary

10. To make history: First US female President.
9. Big brothers can't watch us anymore, everyone will get his/her own mail server.  Free to delete.
8. If you're under FBI investigate, let your spouse talk to the AG, everything will be ok.
7. Foreign donation are welcome, to create jobs.
6. She will visit disaster area faster because she doesn't play golf like Obama.
5. Saving tax money on Secret Service since Bill was ex President already.
4. You will not hear: "You're fired!".
3. You will not feel jealousy when your husbands keep staring at Melanie or Ivanka .
2....  (I left this one blank for you to fill in.)
1. Intern will not get sperms on their shirts.


  1. 2. You will wear many colorful pansuits.

    1. specially rainbow colors hả bà chị? :)


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